The reason I've been silent:

Dearest readers and friends, I am so excited to finally be able to share why I have been missing these past few weeks ...

Tuesday, January 10th I was sitting in a movie (Twilight - during "the scene" no less!) when I noticed my girlfriend's phone lighting up. I looked over to see Corey's number on her screen. "That's Corey's number!??" So, she quickly handed me her phone and in that moment my heart sank. Something awful has happened, I thought to myself. "Have you not seen your phone blowing up?!?," he asked. "Well .. NO! What!?! What is it?!"

And, in that moment I found out that not only had we been matched with a birth mom but the baby had BEEN BORN! "She's full Korean, a girl, two days old," he told me.

I was shaking.

And, thus started the most beautiful, harrowing, tiring, confusing, most natural 14-days we've had ... well .. since Charley was born. This experience has been so similar in so many ways and so different in others.

Nevertheless, with all papers signed we are over-the-moon excited to announce the newest addition to our family!

Lola, born January 8th at roughly 8:20 p.m.

The girls will be just a bit less than 18 months apart. I pray they are each others very best friend, very biggest fan and confidante. God has written their story so beautifully and similar and somehow we find ourselves humbly (and nervously!) accepting God's gift and challenge to give them the very best life possible. We desire only that they would know Him deeply and intimately and know that they have both been written a story so very special.

Truly we are overwhelmed with God's kindness. In the midst of despair we clung to Him and with a big fight eventually surrendered to a story only He could write for our family. What an adventure that has been! Truly the wildest adventure I've ever experienced.

I may write more about Lola's story someday. For now, I am still in California (just the two of us) while we wait to get the green light from Ohio that we can go home. I am SO grateful to be able to be at my sister's house (I've never been so happy she lives in California in all my life!) as we wait, but I am also missing my dear husband and firstborn more than I've ever missed anything in all my life.

Taken the day we got the call, the night before we flew to California ...

As you can imagine, I am more than ready to have the four of us under the same roof.

Thank you for letting me gush. I truly feel like I've won the lottery again.




ETA: During a routine blog update many of your comments did not transfer over, but know that I read all of them and am so grateful for each of you!